Mehry Mu

Leather Dog Collar, Eggshell

Intricate detailing and a lavish appeal define the Mehry Mu Collars. Made with durable leather, the collar features a contrasted weaved design with gold hardware for a modern look. A buckle hook and holes allow the collar to be adjustable, with a small ring to attach your leash.

Calfskin leather rattan and gold plated buckle

size small

30-37 cm

size medium

45-50 cm

size large

54-62 cm

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Adams
Impractical aspect...

I love the collar. Beautiful craftsmanship. The ring for leash attachment is terribly small though. It’s a serious pain to attach or release a leash. I realize that your leashes attach easier than most, but I’m not particularly fond of your leashes or their clasps. I have two VERY active dogs and I’ve already had one accidentally release the leash from the collar.
If only the ring was larger, one could attach any leash one desires.