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Canvas Cat & Dog Collar

We've all heard of denim on denim, but have you heard of denim on dog? This unique collar is a stylish piece for those who want to elevate their pet's accessories look. Made with a heavyweight denim, it features a contrasted stitch and hardware for durability and a rugged fashionable look. With an adjustable prong and eyelets, it is perfect for all sized pets whether that is cats or dogs, big or small.

Canvas Denim

size small

5 to 12 lbs, Length: 9" to 12", Thickness: 1/2"

size medium

12 to 30 lbs, Length: 10.5" to 13.5", Thickness: 5/8"

size large

30 to 40 lbs, Length: 13.5" to 18.5", Thickness: 7/8"